There’s No Going Back Now – Flights BOOKED.

I finally went ahead and did it — I booked a one-way ticket to Amsterdam for September 14th and a one-way ticket to Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, España for September 18th! With the click of a mouse (okay, maybe a bunch of clicks), I am finally committed to moving to Europe and making a home in Spain for 9+ months.



I am extremely excited about all the adventures I will go on and all the people I will meet but I am also incredibly anxious about the inevitable obstacles that I will encounter. Not only am I fresh out of college with no real experience doing “adult” things (i.e. apartment hunting, managing my personal finances, setting up a bank account, making travel plans, etc.), but I am also an American (who hasn’t taken a Spanish class in almost 4 years!) who will have to learn to assimilate into Spanish culture. NOT TO MENTION, all of this will happen without my parents or friends from home at my side. Gahdddd! Although I’m sure I’ll be able to Skype with family/friends every once in a while, I know that if I have a question or an issue, I can’t go calling Mom like I do almost every day in D.C. But, maybe this is exactly what I need to really make the transition into adulthood!


I know this experience will be a phenomenal growing experience for me and I will be a far better, more independent, more self-sufficient, and more confident individual come May 2014. The many things that I will gain from this journey will surely overshadow any daily stresses and difficult obstacles I encounter along the way.

Here’s to REALLY getting out of my comfort zone and taking a leap of faith into the unknown!


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