Ahhhhhh, I can’t believe how fast time has flown by! All of a sudden it’s September and I don’t feel ready for my move AT ALL!


I’m nervous…


And about to s*** my pants (normally I wouldn’t use asterisks for that word, but that’s me trying to be well-mannered)

There is still sooooooo much to do, but here’s what I’ve got figured out:

1) I’m going to Amsterdam with two girls from Washington state. I met one of them (Nicole) through an “Auxiliares de Conversación” Facebook group — she sent me a Facebook message asking if I was looking for a roommate. Thank GOD she did. I can’t imagine going through EVERYTHING (finding an apartment, applying for a temporary residence card, etc) all by myself!

2) Nicole, her friend from school (Lindsay), and I are going to be going to Amsterdam for 3 days before the 3 of us head off to Spain. I’m super excited to explore the city of Amsterdam and do touristy things! Just gotta watch out for that Red Light District at night… 🙂

Andddd I don’t really know much else. Where are we living? Who else are we living with? Where are we staying before we get an apartment? How am I getting to school? Who am I? Who are you? What’s the meaning of life?

We’ll also have to set up bank accounts, get phone plans (and for me, a phone), apply for our temporary residence cards, figure out how to commute to school, figure out what the teachers even want us to do in the classroom, figure out how to cook for ourselves, etc etc etc… THE LIST GOES ON AND ON! Santa would be blown away by it!

HO, HO, HO! This is NOTHING compared to ALLISON FRISHBERG’s to-do list!!

But, everything will figure itself out….


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