¡Hola a todos y a todos, hola!

Hey everyone!

Just got to Santiago de Compostela Thursday morning after having about an 8-hour layover at the Barcelona airport. Wooooooof. I’ve never slept (like, REALLY slept) in an airport before, so that was a first for me! Nicole and I tried to sleep on some booths at McDonald’s (the only place open — surprise, surprise), but some mean lady from McDonald’s basically told us to get our asses up and move them somewhere else. RUDE!

Anywayyyy after a flight and two buses, we made it to our hostel in Santiago Thursday morning. The first day we took it easy and walked around a bunch and got coffee (which, may I say, is NOT like coffee in the US!) You ask for a coffee and they give you something the size of an espresso shot! Take a look… my sugar packet is bigger than the cup!:

ImageAnywayyyyy, the next day we met up with a guy Nicole met on one of the Auxiliares de Conversación Facebook groups, named Bruno. He’s originally from Portugal but has lived in England for most of his life. So the three of us got coffee and went to the old part of town, where we had lunch and saw the cathedral, which is BEAUTIFULLLLLL. Everything is so old and rustic and everything is made of stone… I LOVE IT. I wish cities in the US had this much history!



Image¿Qué más? What else?

I’ve been stressed out about looking for an apartment, but the first one we went to see was soooo pretty and all decked out in IKEA furniture. Nicole fell in love with it. I really liked it but it’s so far away from everythingggggg! But, I decided that that’s the only thing I don’t like about it and it’s not like we can stay at this hostel forever, so that’s where we will be living! I can just walk a half hour every morning and afternoon to get to and from my ride to school. It’s good exercise, at least, right? Anywhooo, two university students already live there, both around 24 years old. One is from Greece and the other France and they both speak Spanish so it should be an interesting environment to live in! And one of them in particular is sooooo lively/energetic/welcoming so I’m really pumped to get to know her better.

Hmmmmm… other than boring apartment stuff, our new friend, Bruno, and I went out for tapas the first night he was here and I got a hugeeeee mug of sangría… which the waiter proceeded to fill for free when I finished it like an hour later haha. Bruno and I also found this cool arcade near our hostel so we played three games of hoops (I lost 😦 ) and 3 games of pool (I won!)

Also, we went out two nights ago with Nicole, a girl she knows from her school, some people the two of them met at dinner the previous night, those peoples’ friends, and Bruno. We went to the old part of the city which is apparently where the nightlife starts (past MIDNIGHT!…so past my bedtime :-p) and we went to a few bars there. Then we made our way to the new part of town (where our hostel is) and tried out a discoteca for like 5 minute but it was 5 am and we were all tired so we went back to finally slumber. 🙂 Can’t believe I managed to stay out that late! But, then again, I am quite the night owl, so maybe the whole “siestas” during the day and staying out until the wee hours of the morning is perfect for me. Maybe I was meant to be born in Spain?!

And that’s about all for now, folks. If anything interesting happens in the near future, you’ll find out about it eventually… keeping up with this blog is hard!

Bye bye!


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