Hallo, meine Freunde! (Hello, my friends)

The title to my post is in German mostly because I’m weird and like to put titles in other languages, but ALSO because I just moved into an apartment with Nicole and we have to other female roommates, one of whom is German (but whose parents are Greek) and one of whom is French! So, it’s quite a melting pot in this piso 🙂

We peaced out of our hostel Tuesday morning and moved all our stuff into our new apartment and new rooms! So exciting! The place is beautiful inside (at least, I think so) and both of our new roommates seem really nice and fun. They are basically doing a semester/year abroad at the University of Santiago de Compostela and they are both studying philosophy and Spanish. Soooo, we have a rule in our house that we are only allowed to speak in Spanish (although, I obviously break that rule now and again… hopefully I’ll get better at only speaking in Spanish!)

Anyway, so I’m all unpacked and here are pictures of my room:

my room! IMG_0965


And the living room:

IMG_0962 IMG_0953

Not bad for a first apartment as an adult, huh? Maybe I’ll get pictures of the other rooms later on.

Anywayyyy, now that we are all settled and aren’t living out of our suitcases, it feels GREAT. Yesterday nothing much happened, but today Nicole and I went to the ayuntamiento (towl hall) (below) to apply for this process called “empadronamiento”. I don’t know exactttttly what it is, but it’s basically proof that we are paying rent and have a place to stay in Santiago and have signed a contract with a  landlord. After doing that, we went off to the oficina de correos (post office) to mail in our housing contract to our landlord who happens to live in Cantabria. Then, we tried to pay our deposit and first month’s rent but the bank said we couldn’t because we don’t have our NIEs (basically a number given to foreigners for identification) but we won’t get that til November so I dunnnoooooo what we’re going to do. Maybe we just won’t pay him :-p

El Ayuntamiento

El Ayuntamiento

Then I did some shopping for the bare necessities (i.e. shampoo, contact lens solution, and other exciting stuff like that). Thennn, Nicole and I met up with a new friend, Bruno, for coffee and afterwards we walked all around the city just popping in and out of shops. At 6 I went to a woman’s house because she was interested in hiring someone to give her 6 and 9 year-old boys private English lessons. So, it’s looking good on that front! I have no idea how to teach but hopefully I’ll learn as I go!

Other than that, not much is going on. School starts next Tuesday which is pretty exciting. I kind of forgot for a while that I actually have to work while here. I thought it was just a year-long Eurotrip!


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