Feliz cumple a Maria!


Soooo, last night we had a fiesta at our apartment to celebrate one of my roommates’ (Maria’s) birthday! She invited like 20 people…. and we do NOT live in a large place, so let’s just say it was really cozy 😛 It was really cool because she’d met the majority of people in her classes at the University of Santiago and they are from allllll over the world. There were 4 Mexican students, 2 Greeks, 2 Brazilians, 3 Polish guys, several Italians, 1 French girl, one Spaniard, 1 Moroccan, and all of us roommates (French, German, and 2 Americans)! Basically, our apartment was a melting pot last night!

I love meeting so many people from around the world and just getting to know them! Santiago is such a great city to meet all sorts of people and I am so happy that I was placed here even though Galicia wasn’t even in my top 3 picks that I requested when I applied for the program. But, other than the almost constant rain, things are great here!

I bonded with the 4 Mexicans (two girls, two guys) because I just feel like I was supposed to be born in Mexico. They were happy to hear all the Mexican slang that I knew… it kind of cracked them up. And I learned some new stuff too! For example, when taking a shot, instead of saying “Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa’ dentro”, I learned a new one… :D. It’s “Año de Hidalgo, chingue su madre él que deje algo” (definitely not translating that, because it’s not all that appropriate, but I wanted to write it down so I don’t forget the new stuff I learn :). )

Sooooooo, besides just getting to know everyone who came, the party was also a potluck dinner and everyone was supposed to bring a dish/drink typical of their country. Nicole and I tried so hard to think of something AMERICAN to bring, but we seriously couldn’t think of any dish that could actually be considered “American”. There is a Burger King about 20 minutes away and we considered just getting a bunch of French fries, but not really haha. We ended up just buying wine. All anyone really wanted was to get drunk, right?

Other people brought ACTUAL food/cool drinks. One of the Polish guys brought Russian salad… which confused me because it says in the name that it’s Russian, but wutevaaaa! The girl from Greece brought some sort of pasta dish was good, but I don’t know what it was called. Maria (the bday girl), whose parents are from Greece, made tzatziki sauce. Marion, my French roommate made riz au lait (rice pudding) which was delicious. One Italian girl brought a dish which was tomatoes that were put in the oven and were covered with bread crumbs and maybe cheese? Another Polish guy brought deviled eggs (I think that’s what they were?) Andddddd the Mexicans, MY FAVORITES, brought José Cuervo and limes and they hand-made tortilla shells so that they could make tacos filled with either potatoes or chicken, AND they made their own guacamole. In my opinion, they win the prize 🙂 FINALLYYYYYY, the Brazilians made caipirinhas with vodka and strawberries (smelled great, but damn was that drink strong!)

caipirinhas with strawberries and vodka

my fave 🙂


K, I think I covered all of that!

Also, Maria didn’t want people to bring any presents, but someone brought a Spanish flag and markers so that everyone could sign it and write a message and then give it to her. She loved it!


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