ArteSAN FROILÁN, crepes, and fiestas!

Holaaaaa everyone!

I’m hanging out right now in my room and I’m sad to say that the sun has finally gone away and this past Monday was probably the first of manyyyy rainy days to come over the next 5-7 months 😦 Everyone told me that the sunny weather is very rare at this time of year, but I still had the slightest bit of hope that this year there would magically be no rain at all (or at least not much of it)! But, the sunshine is gone and I’m worried it won’t be back until April or even May! :/ I have my new rainboots and rainjacket, so I’m prepared for the worst, but everyone cross your fingers for me and hopefully it will be a relatively rain-free fall/winter/spring!

Other than that, this past Saturday I went to Lugo (a province and city in Galicia) to the Festival of San Froilán, which is held every year and lasts 1-2 weeks. One of my roommates and I took at 7 am bus (BLAH!) and got to Lugo a little past 9. The festivities didn’t start until 11 so we got some coffee/hot chocolate, and walked around the city, including the Roman wall that surrounds the center of town. Kinda reminds me of the Great Wall of China…. except it’s about 1,000,000 times smaller and not nearly as impressive 🙂


When we went to the town hall to get a map of the city around 9:30 am, 4 college guys were in front and we started to talking to them. Buttttt, then I realized that they were drunk. At 9:30 am. Ohhhhhhhh, crazy college kids 😉 So, we eventually were able to extract ourselves from the situation, thank goodness. Two of them even followed us into the ayuntamiento! Ay Ay Ay! But, we got away and continued on our mission to see the city!

At 11, the Medieval Fair started. I always love seeing people dressed up like it’s the Middle Ages. There were also a bunch of booths set up with various artisans creating all sorts of hand-made goods, from pottery to jewelry to wood carvings. Among others, we saw a cobbler, a blacksmith, a belt-maker, a potter, and more. There was also some guy all dressed up with a raven on his arm 🙂

Here’s me with a pair of shoes the cobbler made. They are just a little bit too big for me:


There was also plenty of foodddd. They had regular, chocolate, and powdered-sugar churros. I restrained myself and didn’t buy any (besides, I have them almost every day with my coffee at the bar-café by my school)… NOT GOOD health-wise! I did buy this chorizo-stuffed bread thingie though, which was yummy (sorry, Mom and Dad. I realize that chorizo isn’t kosher, but almost none of the dishes here are kosher) 🙂

Overall, fun day! We had to leave mid-afternoon because the last bus to Santiago left at 5, so we didn’t get to experience the nighttime festivities, but that’s okay with me — I’ve seen fireworks a billion times and being stuck within a huge crowd of drunk people doesn’t always appeal (only on occasion) 🙂


Last Sunday, my roommate Marion, from Normandy, decided it would be a fun idea to make crepes and invite some friends over to have a French/crepe night! I was her student and she taught me how to make them, so I’m totally a professional now 😉 They were delicioussssss… people brought with them toppings, so we had a couple types of marmelade, chocolate sauce, sugar, honey, ice cream, and cheese. YUMMMMMM. Marion also mentioned that she wants to try to make these caramels that her mom makes at home, so I look forward to that!


The not-so-famous crepe chef, me!

The not-so-famous crepe chef, me!


LAST NIGHT (Thursday — the biggest night of the week for people to go out in Santiago), I was invited, along with my roommates, to a party at Noemi’s piso (Noemi and Maria, my roommate, became friends in September and I see a lot of Noemi at my place and out and about). I almosttttt didn’t go because I’m such a homebody, but I’m proud of myself for deciding to go out with Maria and Marion because the night ended up being a lot of fun.

Like always, there were people from all around the world: Argentina, Brazil, Poland, Turkey, Italy, Spain, France, Mexico, Germany, and probably more that I’m forgetting! It’s so cool that the only language we all have in common is Spanish. I swear I’m going to forget how to speak English here since I am almost never in a place where I can speak in English with someone. But, that’s good because I hope to be fluent in Spanish by the end of these 8+ months!

Here’s a pic of Iris, Carlos and me (they are both from Mexico and so I liked them right off the bat. They are a ton of fun and so friendly! And I love learning Mexican slang from them 🙂

Iris, Carlos, and me

Iris, Carlos, and me

To sum it up, the party was a lot of fun… it was a pot-luck like last time, and the hosts made sangría which was delicioussssss. Although, I may have put my drink down for a sec to take a picture and when I picked it up again and took a sip, I noticed a strange taste…. I looked into the cup and there were two cigarette butts in there. UGHHHHHHHH. SO GROSS. But, slightly funny. I will make sure to always look into my cup now before I drink anything out of it!



Afterwards, around 12:30 or 2 or somethingggg like that, several of us went out to a discoteca to dance and enjoy the rest of the night because people don’t get back home until like 7 am on nights they go out! I ALMOST made it to 7 am but was tired, so I got home around 6 am. One day I’ll be able to party as hard as the Spanish do 😉

Here’s a picture of some friends at Retablo (the club we went to). In the photo is Iris, Fernanda, and Zeynep (I probably completely messed up the spelling of her name). Fernanda is so much fun and we always joke that we are long-lost sisters and I was meant to be born in Mexico where she lives but we got separated at birth. We are weird, I know 🙂 SIDENOTE:, she also is practically IDENTICAL to one of my best friends from home… it’s so bizarre. Anywhooo, we all get along great and hopefully we’ll hang out more and keep getting to know each other better!



That’s about it for now. Toodle-loo!


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